Best Tech Gifts for Lawyers – Our Top 10 Picks!

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to buy a gift for your lawyer friend, but don’t know what to get them.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We compiled all the best tech gifts that will make any law-loving person happy! All of these items can be purchased on Amazon and shipped right to their office. So, stop stressing and just order one of these great gadgets today!

There are plenty of gifts to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to some popular choices. Read on for more information concerning the best gifts for lawyers.

Finding the perfect gift for a lawyer is hard. Lawyers are notoriously picky and difficult to shop for, but we’ve got you covered with our list of the best tech gifts for lawyers.

Here are ten of our favorite tech gifts for lawyers:

Alexa Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with clock and Alexa - Sandstone

This is a must-have for any lawyer who wants to have a smart home because it allows the user to control music with their voice and set up alarms.

The Echo Dot can also help lawyers by notifying them of traffic, so they know if they need to leave earlier to get to court on time or ask Alexa for help doing tasks around the house. This echo Dot has stereo sound and enhanced speaker so when you tell her to play Mozart or Bach she plays it with style.

We gifted this to our cousin who is a family law attorney and she said it has helped her be more productive as she can listen to music as well as ask Alexa about court cases and other research questions.

It can be very convenient for any law professional but also has the ability to help anyone. For example, if you are meeting your friends for dinner or meeting clients for a meeting, you can set reminders through Alexa that will help you be more productive.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a lawyer, get them the Echo Dot and they will thank you for it!

  • Smart Speaker
  • Comes with an Alexa built-in
  • Enjoy stereo sound
  • Privacy controls
  • Digital clock
  • Sound quality could be better

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch, Granite Blue

If you have a lawyer friend who is into golf this is the perfect gift.

This high-end watch can help them improve their golf game as it makes keeping track of scores and strokes easy, all while doing a lot more. It’s very lightweight with an ergonomic design which also helps with comfortability during a round of golf.

It has a vibrating feature that informs you by using haptic feedback about the distance of your next shot, which is great for both beginners and more experienced golfers. This digital watch also has a very user-friendly interface so it’s easy to set up, along with being able to keep track of scores for up to four people.

Many lawyers who are also avid golfers love this watch as it makes their game more enjoyable by helping them improve their performance. It’s also great for beginners since it can be very easy to understand and use.

We recommend this great gift for golfers who love to play the sport and want to improve their game. It can be very helpful to have, especially if you’re just learning how to keep track of scores and strokes.


  • Easy-to-use watch interface
  • Lightweight design
  • The vibrating feature helps with distance guidance
  • Digital screen
  • Keeps track of scores for up to four people
  • Not waterproof

Wireless Over-Ear Headset with Deep Bass, Bluetooth and Wired Stereo Headphones Buit in Mic for Cell Phone, TV, PC,Soft Earmuffs &Light Weight for Prolonged Wearing by Zihnic (Black/Blue)

We love these battery-powered headphones for lawyers because they’re lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

They’re ideal for everyday wear, working out at the gym, or commuting to work on the bus/train. You can also use them to make calls or listen to music wirelessly since they have a built-in mic along with pressable volume controls.

They have deep bass which is perfect for listening to music while working out or commuting, especially if you want to tune out the world around you. They have a noise reduction feature which is great if you live in an area where it can be noisy or difficult to focus on something with so many distractions.

These are perfect for any lawyer or office worker who is always on the go and does a lot of walking around since they’re lightweight and perfect for long commutes or walking across work.

These stylish, wireless headphones are great for working out, commuting to work, or just sitting at your desk playing music from your phone while also taking calls and talking with clients.

These headphones are Bluetooth compatible so they’re very easy for anyone to pair with their device. There’s also a built-in volume control and microphone so you never have to bother with wires again. The headphone itself has an over-ear design which means they’ll be comfortable for anyone to wear, even after long periods of time.

  • Noise reduction technology
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Deep bass sound
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Built-in mic
  • Build quality can be improved more

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 14 oz, Black, 80 min. Battery Life - App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug - Improved Design

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is probably the most stylish and modern travel mug around, but also has a few other cool features that make it great for lawyers or coffee lovers.

First off, this mug is app-controlled so you can monitor the temperature of your drink on your phone whenever you want.

It also has a quick recharging 1.5-hour battery life so if you forget to recharge it overnight or leave it at work, you’ll still have enough power to get through a few hours of work before having to recharge again.

It also has automatic warming/cooling technology so you don’t have to wait around for your drink to cool down or heat up. It does this all on its own, while also giving you the option of controlling it manually whenever you want.

The battery life is perfect if you’re always on the go and forget to plug in your mug before going somewhere, and also has a beautiful and stylish design that looks great in any law office or kitchen, especially if it matches your other stainless steel appliances.

The mug is perfect for those who want to monitor their drink from their phone because of the app control capability but also doesn’t have to worry about waiting around for their drink to heat up or cool down. It’s also great because it looks elegant and sleek, so it will look great in any kitchen or office.

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is definitely the best travel mug for lawyers on the market and we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a stylish but also functional & modern travel mug.

  • Stylish design with app control capabilities
  • 1.5-hour battery life
  • Quick recharging capability
  • Automatically heats or cools drinks
  • Expensive for a travel mug (but definitely worth the price as it’s one of the best mugs around)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 (Wireless Charging Case Included), Black – US Version

We love these earbuds and have used them for a while now. These great wireless earbuds have lots of great features that any tech-savvy lawyer will appreciate, whether for business or personal use. It’s built with features to ensure quality sound and comfortability during long periods of wear.

We love the fact that this pair of earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices which makes it a great gift for just about anyone. It’s also very easy to pair with your phone and can connect two devices at the same time.

Wireless earbuds can be very useful for office workers and people who sit in their cubicles all day since they’re easy to use and set up with your device. These earbuds also come with a lot of features such as good sound quality, long battery life and they can be very user-friendly.

They’re also very lightweight with an ergonomic design so they won’t feel bulky in your ears, which is great for comfortability while wearing them for long periods of time. It has a 2 hours quick charge feature to give you one hour of battery life after only 15 minutes of charging, which is very useful if you’re always running low on battery life.

The sound quality and bass levels are also customizable to the user’s preferences so that improves their overall experience listening to their favorite tunes.

We recommend these earbuds as a great gift for anyone who loves listening to music or would appreciate a pair of wireless earbuds. They’re very comfortable and easy to use so your loved one will love wearing them every day.

  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Pair with smart devices via Bluetooth
  • 22 hours use
  • Two external microphones
  • Pricey
12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

We all know lawyers are very busy, but when they have free time, they do what every other person likes to do in their spare time – watch movies and videos. The screen magnifier is a great gift because it provides hours of entertainment for lawyers who are looking to relax after a long day of legal work.

This cell phone magnifier is lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can watch your favorite videos no matter where you are.

It is compatible with all smartphones which makes it very convenient for any lawyer to use their phone for entertainment purposes.

People in the legal profession spend a lot of time in courtrooms, making it difficult to access technology when they are not at their homes.

The 3D magnifier turns your phone into a portable movie theater where you can watch videos and be entertained from anywhere.

This phone screen magnifier is very beneficial for lawyers who have difficulty reading text on their smartphones because it enlarges the text to make it easier for those with poor eyesight.

This device is very affordable and provides hours of entertainment. It is made from high-quality materials like wood and aluminum which will allow the phone projector screen to last a long time.

  • 3D Magnification
  • Projector Screen for Movies and Videos
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around anywhere
  • Great gift for any lawyer or law student
  • Not suitable for tablets

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Pot, Stainless Steel, Quick Heating, Matte Black, 0.9 Liter

This stylish kettle is perfect for any coffee lover or lawyer because it has a stylish and modern design that also has very quick heating capabilities. It heats up 1 cup of water within just 3 minutes so it can be great for those who need coffee quickly and don’t have the time to wait around.

It’s made with durable stainless steel so it should last you a long time, plus it also looks sleek and stylish. The quick heating capabilities of the kettle are perfect for those who need coffee quickly but also have a tight schedule to keep up with.

It’s also great because of the LCD display screen so you always know what temperature your water is at which can be helpful if you want super hot or cold coffee, depending on your preference. It has fully adjustable temperature control which is great for making sure you get the right temperature every time.

The electric gooseneck kettle has a unique and stylish design that should look great in any office or home. It also heats up water quickly so it’s perfect for busy lawyers who need their coffee quick but don’t have enough time to wait around.

We have tested the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle and can confirm it’s great if you love pour-over coffee, but also want your water heated quickly so you can enjoy your drink right away.

It also has a gooseneck spout so you can easily pour the water exactly where you want it without moving the kettle itself. You can’t find a better gift for a coffee lover anywhere else!

  • Easy to use LCD display screen
  • Stylish design & LCD features
  • Quick heating capabilities
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Automatically shuts off once it reaches your desired temperature
  • Pricey

Crosley C6 turntable for Record Collectors

This is a fantastic gift for lawyers who are into music and the vintage look of the Crosley C6 turntable will makes it an attractive piece to have in their office. It’s got a lot of excellent features that will bring the music in their vinyl collection to life, making records sound better than ever or even be able to play new records or tapes.

This turntable has an adjustable counterweight which is great for accuracy when playing different types of material. It also has RCA outputs so they can use it to listen to music on another device such as a speaker or headphones. It has a replaceable phono cartridge which ensures that it’s always working and sounding great.

This turntable also comes with a dust cover so it can be protected from dust and debris while not in use.

This reproduction turntable has all the features you’d expect from modern products, while also being very easy to set up for just about anyone. It has

Listen to your favorite vinyl records all while looking stylish with this Crosley turntable. It’s not only very user-friendly but it also looks amazing, which is perfect for avid music lovers and anyone who just wants to keep their records safe.

This lovely turntable has the ability to play two speeds (33 1/3 and 45) so there’s a lot of versatility with what records can be played on it. It also has an LED lighting feature which works as a built-in lamp that makes it easier to view album art.

This Crosley turntable is pretty simple to use and set up, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience using vintage products like this. It has a very classic look which is great for office spaces and will be appreciated by anyone who loves vintage products or just listening to music in general.

  • Plays two speeds (33 1/3 & 45)
  • LED lighting feature
  • Replaceable phono cartridge
  • Adjustable counterweight
  • No Bluetooth

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow Shiatsu Deep Kneading Shoulder Back and Foot Massager with Heat-Relaxation Gifts for Women/Men/Dad/Mom

The VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow is the perfect gift for lawyer colleagues.

This pillow has an ergonomic design that is contoured to fit around the neck and shoulders, along with a Shiatsu-style massage that can be used on different parts of the body. It’s great for anyone who spends long hours sitting at a desk.

When you’re using this neck pillow, it can provide both heating and kneading action to promote relaxation. Many users have also commented that the design is very comfortable, along with being useful for relieving various aches and pains in the body.

We know several lawyers who use this massage pillow while working on client files and other work documents. It helps them relax, especially after a long day in court or spending all day at the office. The heating function also provides a little extra comfort when it’s turned on.

There are many benefits of using this neck massager which can be useful for any lawyer who wants to improve their health and wellness. This would make a great gift for anyone who spends long hours sitting in front of the computer or in court.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 3D rotating Shiatsu-style massage
  • Gentle heating to relax muscles
  • Comfortable and useful
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Not for kids

TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

This docking station is a great gift for any lawyer in your family and friends. Keeping all of your important things at hand and in one place can help you keep track of everything and save time when looking for items. The sleek wood design will add personality to their office while the compartments provide much-needed organization.

We loved the design of this phone docking station. It looks stylish and modern which makes it a great addition to any office.

It is the best gift money can buy for a legal professional who is very busy and always has to be on the move.

Also, it can be a wonderful birthday gift for lawyers who are just starting their careers!

People in the legal profession don’t have enough time for themselves, so this phone docking station is a great gift to bring some relaxation to their life.

We gifted this to many of our friends who work in law firms, and they all loved it!

This docking station is made of solid wood which makes it sturdy and easy to clean. It will last for a long time!

  • Sturdy
  • High-quality
  • Non-toxic protective finishing
  • Acts as a wallet stand, phone dock, and watch organizer
  • Great gift for any lawyer or law student
  • No cons

What To Look For When Buying Tech Gifts for lawyers?

The best tech gifts for lawyers can be hard to find. This is because many of the most popular gadgets are just a little too expensive, and what’s worse, they might not even be appropriate for lawyers and law professionals to use. We have listed above some of the gifts that are ideal for lawyers based on their profession and type of work.

As you are giving a gift to a person who is in the legal profession, it is important to keep in mind some key features that you should look for in the gift.


Legal professionals are not the people who want to show off. It is important to buy a gift that complements their current lifestyle and profession. There are many gifts that can be both fun and functional for them, like the Amazon Echo.


Functionality is great, but it counts for nothing if the gift that is given will not be used. It is important to choose something that a person will actually use. The best gifts are those that help them be more productive and efficient in their daily lives, like Wireless Earbuds or smartwatches.


Lawyers and law firm professionals are known to be the classic types. You must buy a gift that is versatile enough to be given to them for any type of occasion. A great example of such an item is the Smartwatch, which can be worn every day and still look stylish.

Exclusive Design:

Lawyers are known to have a flare for high-quality items. Although they do not generally show it, they actually enjoy the finer things in life. With this in mind, it is important to pick an item that has a single-minded purpose for the user.

The Ember Temperature Control Mug is a great choice as it has only one function, and that is to keep drinks at their optimal temperature.


It is important to remember that gifts for lawyers should be meaningful. It is not about showing off with the coolest gadgets, but rather something they can actually use in their daily lives.

This is why it is always important to buy something that will help them do their jobs better, whether that is being more efficient or just having fun while doing it.

We hope you like the gift suggestions that we have listed above. Just remember that getting a gift for a lawyer can be different than regular people, so keep their profession in mind when you are shopping.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the gifts listed above? Comment below and let us know!

Hope you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to share! Thank You.


How to come up with good gift ideas for lawyers?

If you know them well enough, you can come up with some great gifts just by asking them questions about their lives and profession. If you know that they like to read but do not have time, you can buy them a kindle. If you know that they like to work out, you can buy them a sports watch.

What are great tool gifts for lawyers?

The best tool gifts for lawyers are those that will help them with their work, like the Echo Dot. This tool can be used to make phone calls, set alarms, and answer questions.

What to get legal professionals who are on the go?

The best gifts for lawyers on the go are items that are functional and easy to transport. Wireless earbuds are a great choice as they do not take up much space and can be used anywhere.

What to get someone who got into law school?

The best gifts for law school graduates are items that are of immediate value to them. A watch is a good choice as it will help them keep time and remind them of their careers.