Law school has never been known for being simple or particularly enjoyable. As a result, many aspiring law degree students are constantly confronted with rumors about how law school feels, looks, and whether or not they will despise it when performing their studies.

Law students generally do not have much free time as they are always studying for exams, preparing for classes, understanding the overall concept of law, and being a lawyer, which is the primary objective of law school.

Let us look at one of those rumors: do law students have no leisure time?

Law students do have free time, but the amount of free time varies depending on how many responsibilities they have taken on and how well they manage their time.

Potent time managers can take a class and read in under sixty hours per week during the semester, leaving plenty of free time.

Working sixty hours a week as a law student is excellent if you have free time, but let us delve into how many hours the average law student studies and what a law student might expect in terms of social life.

What is the average number of hours a law student studies?

Each year of law school, the average law student studies for a varied amount of time. Over a year, a year one law student should study 30-40 hours a week on average.

After year one, the typical study time decreases, and most law students spend no more than 20 hours per week studying by the Spring semester of year three.

how much free time do you get in law school

How long do first-year students study?

The most significant reading and exam preparation investment occur mostly during the first year. After that, although there is a lot of variability in the tails, most law students spend around thirty hours per week studying.

Some students stay at the library for even extended time to study. However, first-year law students read the most because they learn how to dissect and understand the law, not necessarily because they are assigned more books.

According to law school professors, year one law students should study for at least two hours for every hour they are in class. According to the 2:1 guideline, a typical year one student will have 15 credit hours both semesters and should study for 30 hours per week.

How long do second-year students study?

Year two students will spend substantially less time studying than year one students. Most year two students study for little more than 30 hours a week. However, this extra time is usually consumed by other commitments that most year two students take on.

Most law students have developed strong reading analytical abilities by the beginning of year two, making them more effective at reading casebooks and efficiently filtering lengthy and difficult cases for crucial material.

During the Fall Semester, the typical year two student is also busy with internships, journals, job applications, and other time-consuming activities.

Second-year is sometimes referred to as the “worked-to-death” year in law school. Year two is more time-consuming than year one since students must maintain regular study hours while participating in a range of extracurricular activities.

As a result, year two students frequently have less spare time.

How long do third-year students study?

Most students’ commitment to learning has all but evaporated by their third year. Year three law students either have a job lined up for them after graduation or are hurriedly applying to post-graduate firms.

An internship becomes significantly more crucial for third-year students than keeping up with readings.

Year three is when most law students will have free time. Third-year students are primarily concerned with fulfilling other activities like graduation requirements, passing the MPRE, and securing employment. Studying is at the bottom of the priority list.

Many students find that year three of law school is the least demanding in daily study schedules, and many soon-to-be graduates take advantage of this by using their free time to explore interests outside of law school.

how many hours a day do law students study

Is there a social life for law students?

We have discovered that law students have some free time during their studies. If you manage your time well, whether, in year one or year three, you will have some spare time to explore other interests.

Hence, the question of how much free time do law students have for some semblance of social life?

During law school, many students can maintain a reduced social life. Therefore, many law schools provide a variety of extracurricular activities, weekly “bar reviews,” and happy hours for law students to relax, meet new people, and create a memorable law school experience.

However, during their first year of law school, most law students dramatically reduce their social activities because there is not enough time to keep up with everyone.

What is the average number of hours that law students sleep?

If you study sixty hours per week, you can obtain at least seven hours or nine hours of sleep per night. However, you may have to give up a lot of your party, TV viewing, gaming, and part-time jobs while in law school.


Knowledge gained from this article has taught us that law school is not as terrifying as many people imagine. Regardless of their year, students at law school have some free time.

How much spare time is determined by how well you organize your study time. Because time managers (law students) have enough free time during the week, they are less likely to burn out.

In addition, we have learned that most law students can retain some semblance of social life. In reality, law students are encouraged to socialize, and many law schools provide entertaining activities such as weekly bar reviews to help them unwind.

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Q1. How many hours do you devote to law school weekly?

A law student should study thirty to forty hours a week on average over a year.

Q2. Is it possible to work full-time and attend law school simultaneously?

You are not alone if you have a full-time job while attending law school. Unfortunately, many people work full-time and go to law school part-time.

Many legal schools provide specific programs for students who are working full-time while attending classes. However, you should only attend school part-time if you have a full-time job.

Q3. Can you sleep eight hours in law school?

Make sleep a priority in your schedule. Set a bedtime that you believe is healthy and appropriate for you and stick to it; Make certain you receive at least seven hours of sleep each night.

It is much better if you can sleep for eight hours. Yes, you must study, but you must also exercise, eat well, and sleep.

Q4. How many hours should I devote to law school each day?

You should probably set out at least two hours of study time for every hour of class. For example, you will study Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law in your first year.

Each session meets three times a week for three hours and twelve minutes. It implies you should devote roughly 7 hours per week to studying and preparing for each class, for a total of 21 hours in law school.

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