The one that allows you to write legibly. The worst point is to take many notes and then realize you can’t read them a day or two later.

What is a good professional pen for lawyers?

Most attorneys now use fountain ink pens with custom-made tips and ink purchased in small jars if they desire elegant pens. Several cheap blue gel pens will suffice if you want to be practical. Original autographs are shown in blue.

You could utilize various pens that are comfortable to hold and write with. Some are tossed away, but others aren’t.

You can use numerous non-plastic, non-disposable ballpoint pens in meetings and court. They have a strong, “genuine” appearance but aren’t flashy. Although most attorneys dislike ballpoint pens, they continue to use them since they are durable and do not leak. In addition, unlike gel pens, the refills last a long time.

Lawyers and fountain pen

You don’t have to be a pen fan, and as a lawyer, you’ve probably owned a few nice pens in your time. However, you may have reasons to go through other spells, such as writing with a fountain pen for some weeks and then resorting to the prevalent biro – usually a tacky and cheap one – for months.

Fountain pens are frequently associated with the more traditional professions and society’s more self-important individuals. Overall, attorneys typically fall into each of those categories. So there’s a chance that during your ‘vocational placements,’ you’ll see a few attorneys using a classic fountain pen, though they’ll be the exception rather than the rule.

However, some pretty cool and contemporary pens aren’t too expensive.

What is a good professional pen for lawyers

Types of pen

Here’s a full breakdown of how pen models differ more in premium designs.

Capped pens

Capped pens

Fountain pens

Fountain pens use very little pressure on the page to lay down a thick line of liquid ink. You may refill the pens with various exquisite inks, but they flow and flutter on popular paper types, and they require messy upkeep. Despite these challenges, fountain pens remain the most reputable pens.


You may make a rollerball pen by using the same dye-in-water ink that fountain pens use and putting it in a ball-tip removable refill. This configuration is more straightforward to refill and less fiddly to write with than a nib. Rollerballs will write smoothly and produce fine lines, but their ink dries quickly enough for left-handed people, unlike gel pens.

Ink can flutter and flow through some paper, just like a fountain pen, and ink can flow out of the cartridge when air pressure decreases on a flight. A cap is also required for rollerballs to prevent them from drying out.

Porous-point or fineliner

A fineliner refill for a rollerball pen has a strong porous polymer tip that looks like a hybrid between a felt marker and a rollerball. The ink is often like fountain and rollerball pens, but the porous tip deposits just enough ink for a bold line and dries even faster. These are prevalent among left-handed people. If you keep the cap off your pen, fineliner refills dry up.

Capless pens

Capless pens


Gel ink is a cross between free-flowing rollerball ink and thick ballpoint ink. It is made of archival-grade color in a water-based gel. A gel pen is good if you want smooth-flowing ink with strong, sharp, colorful, featherless lines. On the other hand, gel ink should be avoided if you’re left-handed because it stains more than rollerball or ballpoint ink.


These no-fuss pens were created as a cost-effective alternative to rollerball and fountain pens, and they’re a hit. Oil-based ballpoint ink adheres to paper more than it dries, yet refills stay longer and don’t dry out.

Because the ink in a ballpoint pen does not flow as swiftly or freely as ink in a fountain pen, these pens take more pressure to write with, and the lines aren’t as sharp. On the other hand, because ballpoint ink requires a lot of pressure to get on the page, these pens are preferable for filling out carbon-copy forms or cheques.

The yardstick for pen choice

This post has a list of recommended executive pens for lawyers. However, before we delve into that, here are the following qualifiers used in reducing the list of competitors;

Suitability as a present

Promotions, graduations, and professional anniversaries are all excellent reasons to give a decent pen as a present, and even the budget-friendly pens featured come in attractive commemorative packaging. Pens manufactured to look like better pens but aren’t suitable as gifts are excluded.

Real-world performance

A good executive pen should constantly write smoothly and comfortably in your hand. We tested the pens on quality Clairfontaine writing paper and cheap legal sheets, receipt paper, brown kraft paper, and sleek cover material to compare smearing, feathering, and bleed.

Refill compatibility

When you are out of ink, even the best pen in the universe is useless. Therefore, your pen ink must be refillable so that you or the individual you’re shopping for can continue writing.

Subtle styling

An executive pen should appear attractive on a conferences table or a desk. While flashy features have their place, a classic and basic look like black with gold detailing is a safe pick.

Discreet opening mechanism

Because habitual pen-clicking will land you in trouble in meetings, twist-open capless pens are preferred over anything having a “clicky” nock mechanism. Snap-on caps are preferred over threaded designs in capped pens because it might be inconvenient to stop writing to clamp a pen cap back on if someone disrupts you.

Best executive pens for lawyers

Best executive pens

If you are a pen addict, below is a list of executive pens that you can look into;

Parker jotter ballpoint pen

Parker pen’s ballpoint and ink are long-lasting and sturdy. It’s possible not to need to refill for the entire calendar year. Despite being a utilitarian ballpoint, it is also sultry and seductive. The pen is a must-have for an attorney who writes in large volumes and wants something with a professional feel and appearance. You would not only be taking notes during trials as a lawyer but also be expected to attend gatherings where executive etiquette is respected.

Kaweco sport cognac fountain pen

This Kaweco Sport and Galen Leather combination create a one-of-a-kind fountain pen, a sleek executive pen that only a few people will own. It’s a lovely demonstrator pen with a tinted cognac-amber resin housing and cap that’s not only functional but also visually appealing. This fountain pen is the epitome of fine craftsmanship and practicality.

Montblanc – Meisterstück

The Mont Blanc – Meisterstück occupies the first place among the most legendary pen creations in history, with little competition. The Montblanc is a classic luxury item, but it’s also a practical gift that a friend, graduate, or coworker may use daily.

Lamy 2000 rollerball pen

The Lamy 2000 has a very sleek and artistic appearance, which is ideal if you’re seeking a pen with a contemporary design. It’s made of polycarbonate, which gives it a premium, well-constructed feel. In addition, the proportions and shape of this pen make it easy to hold in any hand size.

The smooth surface of the pen’s body contrasts nicely with the spring-loaded steel clip. The nubs that keep the cap in place are a unique feature. It makes a pleasing click when releasing the cap or putting it back in place. It’s straightforward to keep clean and maintain.

Lamy 2000 has the same pleasing appearance in terms of performance. The body is made of “Makrolon” fiberglass-braced polycarbonate, and while it appears thick in the middle, the tapered and balanced design provides a comfortable grip for both big and little hands. In addition, the snap-on cap and the spring-pivot clip are ideal.

Parker IM fountain pen

The Parker pen provides a consistent and fluid writing experience. Its polished, stylish design is established with a shiny black lacquer coating and gold trimmings. It comes with a blue QUINK ink cartridge packaged in a Parker gift box. This pen makes a solid first impression with its professional aesthetics and elegant shape.

Zebra Sarasa grand pen 

The Zebra Sarasa Grand pen is an excellent choice. The Zebra Sarasa collection of pens writes amazingly smoothly for a pen below $10. The ink dries almost instantly and does not smear. The Grand series is available in gold, silver, and rose-gold and appears to be a considerably more expensive pen at first glance.


The Cross – Townsend is a cottage luxury pen. It’s a writing instrument that’s on par with the Montblanc. You might like Cross’s gel-like ink, and the thicker metal body is a touch more striking for shorter writing periods.

Since Reagan, all sitting US presidents have used the Townsend signature pen, obtainable in matching black for less than $100. While the company’s headquarters remain in Rhode Island, only the most expensive pens (Cross) are currently manufactured in the United States.

On most surfaces, the gel-rollerball refill outperformed many other pens in this survey in terms of drying time, thinning tolerance, and deep color. If you’re left-handed, like half of the presidents who have used this pen, the fast-drying fineliner cartridge is also an excellent option.

It is, however, a little weighty for long writing sessions, and other renowned refills will not fit.

Baron Fig – Squire

The Baron Fig – Squire is a refreshing change that can earn a position on your table if you don’t like traditional pens’ conventional shape and proportion. The seemingly tapered design widens to a wide 10 mm near the point, providing a variety of grip possibilities for various hand sizes.

You will pay over $50 for a ballpoint that wouldn’t do much, and the big name and logo may put some people off, but it’s a nice pen to write with. It comes with a good refill, probably indeed based on the Schmidt – P8126, that’s as sleek as a rollerball but doesn’t require a cap.

Copper pen

A shining copper pen exudes sophistication. Copper pens are suitable during COVID-19 because, in addition to their aesthetic features, they are inherently antiviral and antibacterial, according to recent studies. In addition, the firm that offers this pen is owned entirely by women and has a “good karma” scheme in which 15% of revenues are donated to non-profit organizations that work to provide clean drinking water in impoverished nations.


All the pens highlighted above are excellent pens for lawyers to use. Identify one that best suits you and get yourself one.

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